High Water Mark

Designers tap Varia Ecoresin in texture and color to embody the effect of water and pipes in this plumber's union office. 

UA Local Local No. 1 Plumbers of New York City / Long Island City, New York / Environetics / Photography Eric Laignel

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  • Strong and Sustainable

    The UA Local No. 1 Plumbers of New York City relocated their offices from Queens, NY to a more convenient location in Long Island City. The union chose to retain the interior bones of the former paper bag warehouse and challenged designers to create a more sustainable and livable design. The team envisioned an inviting hybrid of office and meeting spaces by incorporating the unique history of the union through the symbolic use of flowing water and imagery of copper piping. The client’s request for highly sustainable and impact resistant materials led designers to 3form.

    Upon entering the building, visitors are greeted by four cylindrical five-foot long pendant fixtures by LightArt, which promote the imagery of copper piping. The eco-friendly material story and its resilience and durability were the key factors in the selection of Varia Ecoresin. 

  • Restful Retreat

    Designers specified blue Varia Ecoresin panels with the Pop texture resembling the imagery of water flowing within a pipe in the building’s main second floor pantry and lobby. These areas, used as places of consistent gathering, were intended for employees and union members to feel at ease and to experience the design intent of a building created for their profession. Utilizing 3form's Versa Hardware, the heatformed panels of Varia Ecoresin create a gradual curve in which members can meet and relax. 

    "To incorporate the Varia Ecoresin panels in a curve around the kitchen space, we chose 3form's Versa Blade Hardware. We liked the form of Blade and how it integrates with the panels."

    — Roland Quirion, Senior Project Director, Environetics

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  • Versa Hardware

    Hardworking resin panels demand the support of well-built hardware solutions.  3form hardware options make specification simple while keeping the focus on the design. 

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