Spring 2017: New Materials 

Our product lineup this spring showcases our commitment to innovation and creativity. From authentic rust to deconstructed textiles, these products meet the environmental and performance qualities designers seek today. 

Metallics: Rust

Our new proprietary technique captures real rust in Varia or Glass without sacrificing its natural beauty. Each panel is unique and will make a lasting impression in a space.

  • Metallics: New & Updated

    Our curated offer of innovative metallic interlayers includes rust, delicate foils, and screen prints.

Textiles: Snag

The process for making Snag is unique and bold. Biomorphic shapes are ripped from a classic woven textile and set against a densely woven field of subtle, contrasting lines.

  • Snag pattern options

  • Textiles: Cleo

    The textile layering technique in Cleo creates complex color tones and a textural moiré for visual intrigue.

  • Cleo pattern options 

  • Textiles: Migration

    A Full Circle hand woven textile from Swaziland forms a textured screen of wavy threads and uneven openings.

  • Textiles: New & Updated

    From unrestrained, distressed knits to refined layering, our curated collection of Textiles is a beautiful span of textural translucency.

  • HighRes Imagery

    Three new organic scenes refresh our intriguing image gallery and can be captured in Varia and Glass.

  • Spring 2017 from 3form

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