Spring 2016 New Products

The following new products give you the tools to create intriguing and unique looks. These offerings have been thoughtfully designed to answer the current demand for adaptable, modern building materials. 

  • Elemental

    Texture engages the sense of touch and provides information about what something is made of. Elemental is our new 100% post-consumer recycled paperboard that is textural and metallic, and is available in Edge, Wovin Wall, Wave Wall, and Ripple Wall.

  • Edge

    These decorative modular fins evoke a sense of movement and rhythm through form and color. To further this idea, we’re adding five new designs ranging from easy angles to complex points.

  • Shapes

    Dimensional shapes suspended from the ceiling are a great way to subtly separate or even transform a space. Combine any of our three new shapes with the Color Portfolio to add your unique signature.

  • Name
  • Custom Imagery

    Create a look of your own or choose from a curated collection of 3form’s stunning images including four new nature scenes. The beauty of imagery in Glass or Varia can span up to four panels.

  • Hardware Snap Covers

    Hardware is an integral part of many 3form installations, but it doesn’thave to look like it. Our new Snap Covers were created to conceal 1" diameter Point Support hardware caps and can be matched to any hue in the Color Portfolio.

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