One Room.
Three Designs.



As modern workspace evolves, designers need forward-thinking solutions that address privacy, noise, space, and productivity. 3form creates partitions, wall treatments, and surfaces for the modern office. 

  • We took one co-working space and designed it in three completely different styles with a variety of solutions from 3form, LightArt, and EFI. 

  • Name
  • Blue 

    Materials and solutions from the 3form family, including LightArt and EFI make this room an incredibly inviting and functional workspace.

  • Name
  • Name
  • Divy

    Acoustic Partitions


    Transform space and sound with NRC rated Sola Felt acoustic panels that show off ultra-cool geometric patterns.


    Discover Divy >


    Partition System


    Customizable, demountable, and reconfigurable. This design system, based on the forms found in the letters I L T U and O, creates beautiful and highly functional work environments.


    Discover ILTUO >

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  • Name
  • Chroma



    From working to dining, 3form Chroma looks fantastic for almost any table function you can think of.


    Discover Chroma Tables >

  • Wood 

    The combination of color and materials completely transforms this space making it a comfortable environment with subtle privacy for a functional office setting.

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  • Name
  • Duet

    Dimensional Partitions


    Put up this vertical partition to divide space, and play with color, light, and shadow in unexpected ways.


    Discover Duet >

  • Hush Blocks

    Acoustic Wall Feature


    These Sola Felt blocks are NRC and fire rated. Plus, they're a cinch to customize and install.


    Discover Hush Blocks >

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  • Name
  • Graphic Patterns

    Customization Unlimited


    A design system of possibilities that allow you to create infinite combinations of color, opacity, scale, and more.


    Discover Graphic Patterns >

  • Biophilia 

    This space is transformed to bring plants and people together in harmony with an energy that can not be denied while promoting a co-working environment.

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  • Name
  • Edge

    Repeating Partitions


    Evoke movement, rhythm, and sophistication with the infectious repetition of noise reducing modular segments.


    Discover Edge >

  • Wood Frame

    Hardware System


    Wood Frame is a floor-to-ceiling mounted partition system that combines the warmth of wood with the translucency of Varia to create a modern look.


    Discover Wood Frame >

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  • Name
  • Chroma Fin



    Divide horizontal surfaces and create privacy with the elegance of colored light.


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