We believe that we must be responsible for our products through their entire life-cycle, with a diligent focus on the balance of people, planet, and profit.

  • Company Initiatives

    At 3form we believe in meaningful design. Our manufacturing approach promotes craftsmanship, community, sustainability, and respect for the environments where we work and live. We are guided by five sustainability initiatives of zero waste, carbon neutrality, responsible manufacturing, employee engagement, and materials transparency.

  • 3form Greenweek

    For one week our entire company focuses on our sustainability initiatives through a choice of activities like working to build a xeriscape garden, exploring electric vehicles, and learning how to eat more sustainably. Employees can also select challenges like finding alternative ways to get to work, taking shorter showers, and volunteering in the community. The result of this week is a renewed effort to make a positive impact every day.

  • Zero Waste

    90% + diversion from landfill or incineration through aggressive recycling and reducing sources

    of waste.

    Greenweek Goals & Activities

    • Local & responsibly sourced meals

    • Commit to reusable dishes or utensils

  • Name
  • Name
  • Carbon Neutral

    Reduce 3form’s carbon footprint through energy efficiency and innovation, then balance remainder with investments in clean energy and carbon offsets.

    Greenweek Goals & Activities

    • Alternative commute challenge

    • Electric cars & electric bikes expo

  • Responsible Manufacturing

    Incorporate social responsibility, environmental protection, employee welfare, and community stewardship into daily manufacturing operations.

    Greenweek Goals & Activities

    Localscapes xeriscape garden presentation

    • DIY bird houses

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  • Name
  • Employee Engagement

    Encourage employees to lessen their own footprints beyond the workplace through ongoing education, opportunities, activities, and incentives.

    Greenweek Goals & Activities

    • Full Circle inspired lunch 

    • Organic cotton t-shirt  – wear ‘em!

  • Materials Transparency

    Offer an exceptional level of transparency to our clients about the ingredients, environmental performance, and healthfulness of our products.

    Greenweek Goals & Activities

    • Volunteer in your community 

    • Learn to grow your own food and herbs

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"This we know: the Earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the Earth. All things are connected like the blood that unites us all. Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.”

- Chief Seattle