Fall 2017: Textures

With color placement options and surfaces that evoke movement and dynamic energy, our new textural designs can be soft and subtle or bold statements.



With the look of crumpled paper, this one-sided texture begs to be touched. The inviting peaks and valleys of this Varia texture can also take on the peaceful look of shadows through water with our translucent color palette. Shown here in Whiteout + Pond with Suspend hardware.



The delicate texture of sandblasted cut wood in a grid of timber called Section creates visual intrigue. This texture is both sophisticated and structured when combined with our black and white color palette. Shown here in Meteorite with black Versa hardware.



Split is a linear, one-sided Varia texture inspired by hand-split wood set in an uneven linear pattern. This organic textured Varia adds the inviting warmth of wood when combined with a hue from our bohemian color palette. Shown here in Whiskey with Point Support hardware and Whiskey Caps.