Hang Your Own Masterpiece

Suddenly the line between art and architecture is elegantly blurred (and blended, softened, and swirled). Introducing the Painterly Collection.

  • Name
  • Painterly Collection

    We’re thrilled to unveil five new expressive designs — from bold strokes to sophisticated speckles, plus dimensional landscapes that allow you to hang your own masterpiece. 

  • Strokes of Genius

    Linear and orderly hues aligned with artistic flair add just a touch of random expressiveness.

  • Beauty Rains

    Soft, tasteful drops of color aligned in subtle textural screens.

Each Painterly color palette is a harmonious blend of C3 colors based on the most fashion-forward trends. Leading with color, this collection can play nicely with neutrals, bright hues, and dreamy blues. The hues of the Painterly Collection coordinate well with the most up-to-the-minute trends. Designers now have a secret weapon of artwork that can be built into the environment.

  • Translucent and Opaque 

    Specify in translucent or opaque, depending on the application. Get high visibility by selecting Pressed Glass.

  • Elevated Space

    Get creative with expressive, neutral to bold, colorful lines cascading from ceiling to floor. 

  • Complementary C3

    To make specifying easier, each pattern comes with all complementary C3 colors used within each design.

  • Beautiful Options

    With five distinct patterns, five spot-on colorways, and coordinating C3 colors, this is a designer's secret weapon.

  • Broad Strokes

    From warm-to-cool neutrals to jewel tones and moody blues, Painterly covers the gamut of the hottest color trends. 

  • Handpainted in HighRes

    Each design has been hand painted, photographed, and encapsulated in Infinite Glass or Varia Ecoresin, creating the ultimate artful expression.


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