Aerial Palette 

Artist Jenny West inspires a corporate lobby with color and light through a unique medium: translucency.

Artist Inspired

Jenny West, an interior designer turned large-scale artist, was commissioned by Cushman Wakefield to energize the lobby at 555 17th Street. The corporate building in downtown Denver needed an art feature to substantiate a three-story atrium of architectural angles and natural sunlight while providing an abundance of color. Familiar with 3form material solutions through her eight years with Gensler, Jenny says she turned to 3form knowing she “needed a material that had been designed to be customizable,” and sought a product she “knew was going to be high-quality, and achieve the exact color we were looking for with precision.” Through Varia translucency became the medium Jenny could use to express the way color would be enhanced by the vibrant and changing sunlight inherent to the space.

  • Varia

    “The Varia bands of color capture natural sunlight and throw it in angles, depending on the time of day, or even the season, especially during the summertime.” - Jenny West, artist, Aerial Palette

  • Name

Light Play

Each fabricated Varia three-sided box features customized color that is pin-mounted to structural powdercoated beams to create a landscape inspired by rural farmland viewed from an aerial vantage point. Influenced by her travels, Jenny uses this inspiration to punctuate the open lobby and complement the architecture of the existing space. Each vertical beam has color combinations that are fresh and modern, but the magic of the artwork happens when light spills into the voids by way of sun-lit Varia and the powerful palette, bold with a clean architectural appeal, is invigorated with colorful rays of sunlight.


Varia is our premier translucent material in over 250 colors