Wallflower Power

A backlit wall of changeable RGB lights feature intricate patterning in Varia and light up this Hawaiian hotspot.

SKYWaikiki/Honolulu, Hawaii/MGA Architecture/Photography: Max C. Kim/Bad Moon Saloon

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  • Glowing Atmosphere

    Seeking design inspiration for a 9000 square foot, indoor-outdoor rooftop lounge and nightclub, owners of the Waikiki Business Plaza challenged MGA Architecture to create a hip, modern environment. Designers chose to feature the familiar organic silhouette of the Hawaiian lehua flower. Seeking to have a backlit translucent feature wall as the jewel in the space, designers turned to 3form.

    Designers worked with 3form to find the right combinations of color and RGB lights to create different moods throughout the day — warm, static colors were needed for the general evening times, slow-moving hue changes during mellow dining hours, and the ability to turn up the vibe with a more lively look for nighttime. 

“3form gave us an RGB lightbox to try out. It was very helpful in the design process since we were able to see how each combination of colored Varia would behave under varying colored lights. This allowed us to pick the perfect colors and textures for our installation.”

— Rachel Jorgensen, Designer, MGA Architecture

  • Wall Lit Up

    The dynamic wall required intricate and detailed fabrication work by 3form. RGB lighting was set up to allow for separate lighting and dimming of the leaves and the background. Interior partitions were built to prevent light bleed from color to color. The result made for an eye-catching feature that could alter the mood of the space with the flip of a switch.

    Installed in August 2015, the ever-changing lit flower feature has become a recognizable backdrop to selfies and social media posts of guests, making this night spot very popular.  

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3form lighting is expressly designed to illuminate our materials. Our light design specialists can handle a range of projects from Ready to Go solutions to large installations requiring programmed RGB lighting and everything in between.

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