Brightening Healthcare

An intricate mosaic tree fabricated from hundreds of Chroma tiles creates a visual, ever-changing diversion for patients.

MD Anderson Cancer Center/Camden, NJ/Francis Cauffman/Photography: Chris Cooper

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  • Peaceful Distraction

    Seeking to create a distraction from treatment with a positive image, designers looked to the two-story wall in the lobby of this urban cancer treatment center as an ideal canvas. They envisioned a three-dimensional, tiled, backlit tree with changing colored lighting to connect with the calm yet transitioning environment as a visual diversion for patients. The concept of using different depths and colors of tiles to create a pixelated tree image led designers to use 3form materials.

    “I’ve always liked 3form's quality materials and their rich palette of colors.”

    — Kasia Zielonka, Designer, Francis Cauffman

  • Soothing Mosaic

    Once colors and thicknesses of tiles were chosen, 3form engineers created a small-scale mock up for the designers and client to see how the design would look. Upon approval, colored Chroma tiles were cut and 761 tiles' edges were polished prior to gluing onto sheets of Chroma Ghost to be installed on the massive RGB-lit wall. Like a mosaic puzzle, the wall was pieced together and shipped out in panel-size sections for an easy installation.

    The stunning, ever-changing colored installation makes a peaceful, glowing transition from the city landscape to the healing gardens on the second floor of the MD Anderson Cancer Center.

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  • Name
  • Chroma

    This colorful, luminous, and durable indoor and outdoor material is available in the C3 color palette, and is designed with sustainability in mind with 38% recycled content.

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