The New Face of Healthcare

A Redwood City hospital seeks to bring the surrounding landscape inside with Varia Ecoresin by 3form.

Redwood City, CA / HOK SF

  • The Landscape Inspires

    Drawing from the ecosystem of the surrounding landscape of Northern California, designers from HOK sought to tell a ecological story throughout a new hospital in Redwood City. Materials selected needed to tell a visual story about the embracing nature of community and healthcare, stand the test of time, and meet durability requirements for seismic standards.

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  • "We used Varia for every application because these natural elements had to have life to them. We needed an installation solution that was durable and cleanable — not overly complex so the product could be maintained over time."

    — Donald Cremers, VP, HOK Architects

  • A Calming Result

    Designers chose to depict the flora and fauna of the coastal environment through color and imagery. Elements of the local ecosystem were encapsulated on HighRes graphics and paired with solid panels of luminous within Varia Ecoresin.

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  • Varia Ecoresin

    Imagine a material that lets you choose its color, shape, texture, level of opacity, even patterns or dimensional elements in its very core—all created from at least 40% post-consumer recycled material. You’ve just imagined Varia Ecoresin, an incredibly versatile and unique resin paneling material from 3form.

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