Constructing a Brand

A construction office lobby inside a former Hawaiian pineapple cannery gets a vivid new look with translucent Varia Ecoresin.

Kiewit / Honolulu, HI / WCIT Architecture / Photography: David Moore

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  • Opening Up

    Challenged to reimagine this construction company’s office space within a former pineapple cannery building, designers from WCIT Architecture chose to show off the structure while maximizing the natural and ambient lighting available. Designers sought a unique solution to turn the two-story lobby into the showpiece of the space.

    We loved the idea of translucency and the ability to see the movement of the whole office. 3form was a great fit and helped us custom match the color of the Kiewit logo, which happens to be the color of pineapple.  

    — Reuben Chock, Vice President, WCIT Architecture

  • Light and Bright

    In order to create a light-filled space, designers chose to clad the walls and ceiling of the lobby with translucent Varia Ecoresin. The entire solution, including the wood framing, was prefabricated by 3form then shipped out for easy installation on site. The result fostered an open-office, construction feel and made the space appear bigger. The custom color matched the brand logo and gave a nod to the golden fruit previously processed in the building where the Kiewit owner worked as a teen.

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