Surfing a Stairwell

A wave-like enclosure of perforated translucent Chroma with glimpses from inside and out enlivens Google’s Irvine offices.

Google / Irvine, California / Rapt Studio / Photography Eric Laignel

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  • A Competitive Balance

    Striving to create a design that would embrace corporate culture, Rapt Studio designers collaborated with user groups from Google. Together they sought to embody the healthy, relaxed beach attitude with their competitive drive and thirst for challenge within the workplace. The stairwell was the obvious choice to integrate the team's design goals. 

    “The stairwell wanted to be the wow-factor. When the design tells a story, it gives you greater creative freedom....then, the material chosen needs to enhance excellent design.”

    — Mike Dubitsky, Designer, Rapt Studio

  • Light and Movement

    The group chose to make the central stairs more than a way to connect floors, but as a hub of energy for the office. Seeking to create a memorable likeness to surfing a tube, designers knew they needed an unframed, translucent material. To create a wave-like enclosure that allowed the light in, clear Chroma was chosen and customized with circular perforations, allowing glimpses from outside in and inside out.

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  • Name
  • Chroma 

    This colorful, luminous, and durable indoor and outdoor material is available in the C3 color palette, and is designed with sustainability in mind with 38% recycled content.

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