Taking a Cue from Nature

Modern, organic, and translucent partitions of Varia Ecoresin create an oasis inside this high-end steakhouse.

Tado Steakhouse/Welch, Minnesota/RSP Architects/Photography: Farm Kid Studios

  • A Slice of Heritage

    Named after the Sioux Indian word which means meat, the Tado Steakhouse design needed to reflect a local and direct approach to sourcing the menu. Drawing from the surrounding rural environment of bluffs and forests and the Mdewakanton Sioux heritage, designers sought a natural palette of wood, stone, and steel for this farm-to-table steakhouse.

    We wanted pattern, but it needed to be contemporary. The organic pattern of Branch in Varia reflected the land around them and their culture,” 

    — Ashley Lundgren, Interior Designer, RSP Architects

  • Name
  • Name
  • Clearly Organic

    Partitions needed to visually separate intimate dining areas, while still allowing a lot of light to pass through. Designers sought translucent Varia Ecoresin with organic patterning to match the natural theme of the restaurant. Exploring Pattern+ options and adding a patent finish enabled designers to adjust the transparency and achieve the effect they were after.

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  • Name
  • Pattern+

     Dial in your design with customizable pattern, scale, opacity, and color. Available in both Pressed Glass and Varia Ecoresin.

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