Technology Illuminated

The massive cognitive intelligence of IBM's famous supercomputer, named Watson, is illuminated with a turbine-like circle of 100 glowing Chroma fins.

IBM/New York City, New York/The Switzer Group/Photography: Woodruff-Brown

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  • Cognitive Design

    Challenged to attract and impress guests, partners, and young talent to IBM’s new artificial intelligence group, in Manhattan’s East Village, designers sought to illustrate the immense cognitive power of Watson, the world-famous supercomputer. The space also had to demonstrate IBM’s technological advancement in artificial intelligence software and data management.

    “I liked the idea of movement, like a turbine...with energy that portrayed the thinking process. The light varies when Watson talks, from pure white to different colors that dim down and dim up.” 

    — Luc Massaux, Creative Director, The Switzer Group

  • Beacon of Light

    Designers envisioned a life-like, three-dimensional enclosure around Watson, that would make an impressive statement in the room and be viewable from the street. The goal was to create a futuristic experience for IBM visitors. After several experiments with other materials, designers turned to 3form for a resilient, translucent solution that could also transmit RGB light.

    Designers challenged 3form to create a series of 100 uniquely shaped vertical Chroma fins. The IBM team created an interactive hologram on floor-to-ceiling screens to represent Watson and interact with guests while the lit Chroma fins react in color and brightness as Watson speaks.

  • Name
  • Name
  • Chroma

    This colorful, luminous, and durable indoor and outdoor material is available in our Translucent Color Portfolio.

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