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A School Sparks
Creativity with Color

Designers specify colorful, translucent Varia Ecoresin by 3form to create an unforgettable impression in a private K-8 school.

New York, New York / Davis Brody Bond, LLP / Photography Paúl Rivera

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  • A Spectacular Entryway

    Seeking to create a spectacular entryway and a functional way to anchor a design feature in a private K-8 school lobby, designers sought a durable translucent material. Strict building codes and the chance kids would be demanding on the building led the designers to Varia Ecoresin, a durable and translucent material that can be colored to any hue and is Class A fire rated for safety.

    The material lent itself to multiple applications and is used as an anchor point in the design. The versatility of the translucent wall panels allow it to filter light in different ways creating unique effects in the space as the sunlight changes through the day.

    — Nnadozie Okeke, Senior Associate Davis Brody Bond, LLP

  • Maximizing Natural Light

    Designers chose to express the bold school colors of the Speyer Legacy School in Varia Ecoresin. The translucency of the material maximizes the natural light throughout open spaces and designates different areas of the school. A Class A fire rating enabled the specification of Varia in many applications including way finding, elevator cab cladding, corridors, ceilings, and along balustrades in the light-filled foyer.

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