Luminous Landmark

Thousands of Varia XT discs flutter and glow in a dynamic cloud of light and color at this transit station near Sea-Tac Airport.

Angle Lake Sound Transit Cloud/SeaTac, Washington/Haddad Drugan/Photography: Courtesy of Sound Transit, Saddleburn Media, and Laura Haddad

  • Environment in Motion

    Sound Transit challenged artists to create a new light rail station just a mile and a half away from Sea-Tac Airport. A theme of environment in motion was chosen for this windy area and Sound Transit hoped to have something that responded to nature for this Angle Lake Station. 

    Artists envisioned an outdoor art piece that would act as a kinetic sculpture and change in real time. After lengthy studies of the atmosphere, they chose to create a suspended, pixelated cloud with thousands of colorful discs. This symbol of the environment would then interact with the elements around the clock for travelers to enjoy.

    Looking at materials to create this exterior art piece, the team originally considered glass, but because of the difficulty in fabrication, they looked at 3form exterior resins.

“We saw Varia XT panels in another transit station in El Paso, Texas where it was exposed to extreme weather conditions. I could see that even after several years it still looked great. Varia XT is resilient and durable in exterior applications.” 

— Laura Haddad, Artist, Haddad Drugan

  • Resilient and Dynamic

    Once colors for the Varia XT discs had been selected, the artist team built a full-scale mockup. Then, they tested the resilience of the structure in their backyard and even test drove it strapped to the top of their truck to see how it would fare in heavy winds. 

    The final installation of what is now known as The Cloud incorporates 7000 Varia XT discs that flutter and twist, catching the wind and light. Whether lit by the sun or the LED lights on the two large structures to either side of The Cloud, the  surface sparkles and glows creating a luminous landmark for visitors to this transit station. 

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  • Varia

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