Translucent Cement

Concept Sample 0416

Our newest creation highlights the modern look of cement with a translucent aesthetic.

Product Specs

  • Material


  • Modification


  • Direction/Rotation

    Pattern runs parallel to the 8' side only.

  • Available Sizes

    4'× 8' • 4'× 10'

  • Gauges and Layup

    1/8" • 3/16" • 1/4" • 3/8" • 1/2" • 3/4" • 1"

  • Finishes

    Patent F03, Patina F02, Sandstone F01, Stucco F06, Supermatte F05, Vellum F04, Grain F08, Grid F09, Velvet F07

  • Availability

    Any orders over eight sheets may require longer lead times.

  • Pricing

    For pricing, contact your 3form Sales Rep.

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